The Armenian Cemetery of Arapgir

The key was not hard to find. Hidden under a flat stone, he kneeled down to pick it up and unlocked the gate. In front of us, a large plot of land covered with grass, surrounded by a few gray, tall apartment buildings. The parcel looked abandoned with 30 or so tombstones irregularly dispersed. We... Continue Reading →

Dams in the Munzur Valley

Just as Gezi Park’s Interclass Istanbul Gas Festival began in June 2013, another protest for the environment, smaller in scale, took place further east in Turkey’s Munzur Valley. The confluence of the Munzur and Pülümür Rivers, near the city of Tunceli, is known as the Jara Gola Çetu and considered sacred by many local residents. First threatened by... Continue Reading →

Fragment of a Whole

Sensational discoveries of mosaics periodically make the headlines of newspapers in Turkey. After being discovered, unearthed, cleaned, and removed, these ancient floors slowly make their way to museums or private collections. I wish to examine the curious afterlife of mosaics in, out of, and more recently, back to Turkey.* I want to analyze their transformation from buried... Continue Reading →

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