Contested Heritage

The southeastern provinces of Turkey will soon be home to a series of new, state-of-the-art, archaeology museums. Such buildings are being (or have already been) planned, constructed, remodeled, or expanded. The Gaziantep Museum, for instance, houses many of the Roman mosaics of Zeugma unearthed before the construction of the Birecik Dam. Other mosaics, discovered during... Continue Reading →

Emotions in Archaeological Science

Science, in its practice, is full of sound and fury, but it is hushed, pacified, sanitized, in its writing, almost signifying nothing. What happens to this fury? What happens to last-minute improvisation, to running from the office, to the laboratory, back to the office, to the madness of deadlines, and to all of the uncertainties... Continue Reading →

Scramble for the Past

All around Turkey, antiquities are being closely watched and monitored. To prevent thefts, Istanbul’s Süleymaniye mosque has placed surveillance cameras and tightened security by hiring more guards. Its previously unregistered Korans and wall tiles have now been archived. Looted antiquities are seized before they cross the border. During a routine ID check between Ankara and Kayseri, Turkish police arrested two men with a 3rd century BC... Continue Reading →

Siros Autrefois

Objectif : Créer une animation lors de manifestations publiques en proposant aux habitants de la Commune des expositions sur le thème du "Siros d'autrefois". Véritable loisir pour les membres intéressés de l'Association, cet atelier va consister en la réalisation de panneaux ou diaporamas pour expositions et projections de vues et d'écrits anciens lors d'animations ou de... Continue Reading →

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