Surp Giragos Church

Diyarbakır today is a large Kurdish city of more than 1 million inhabitants located on the banks of the Tigris River in Southeastern Turkey. Most of the city has over the past 40 years grown outside of the old city encircled by a long wall made of black basalt. Within the five gates of this... Continue Reading →

The Armenian Cemetery of Arapgir

The key was not hard to find. Hidden under a flat stone, he kneeled down to pick it up and unlocked the gate. In front of us, a large plot of land covered with grass, surrounded by a few gray, tall apartment buildings. The parcel looked abandoned with 30 or so tombstones irregularly dispersed. We... Continue Reading →

Digging Tepe – A Funeral

Archaeologists often come across ancient human burials during their excavations. It is less often, however, that human burials come across archaeological excavations. This is what happened, however, to one particular funeral procession a few years ago, in the town of Tepe in Southeastern Turkey. The goal here* is, rather than arrive at a fixed definition of Ethics,... Continue Reading →

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