Lire Bourdieu en Béarn

“Lire Bourdieu en Béarn” is the partner website of the course I teach on the sociologist Pierre Bourdieu at the … More

Dams in the Munzur Valley

Just as Gezi Park’s Interclass Istanbul Gas Festival began in June 2013, another protest for the environment, smaller in scale, … More

Signs of the Time

According to the WRD (World Register of Dams), Turkey has over 741 dams in operation, as well as several dozens … More

Fragment of a Whole

Sensational discoveries of mosaics periodically make the headlines of newspapers in Turkey. After being discovered, unearthed, cleaned, and removed, these ancient floors … More

Digging Tepe – A Funeral

Archaeologists often come across ancient human burials during their excavations. It is less often, however, that human burials come across … More

Contested Heritage

The southeastern provinces of Turkey will soon be home to a series of new, state-of-the-art, archaeology museums. Such buildings are … More